Loans Near me

Loans Near me

Urgent Instant Same Day Cash Loans South Africa

Life is full of uncertainties. One may never know when he might end up in need of money on urgent basis. As economic scale hikes up and gets tougher the cost of living sours high and therefore it becomes difficult for many of us to make both ends meet up at times. But at the same time one can not compromise one’s needs or requirements for the safety, well being and comfort of the near ones or family members. At such critical times loan, especially personal or payday loan enables you to be self-reliant and take charge of the situation or circumstances you are in.

About Us

We are one of the leading lending platforms that bring the lenders and borrowers together for a seamless and transparent disbursal experience. We are among the best alternative for investment or borrowing as compared to conventional methods. We are a fast growing lending platform offering low-interest quick loans.
We promote financial inclusions by facilitating credit availability beyond traditional segments and believe in helping people grow and fulfill their needs.
We since our inception in 2014 working in the field of financial services for providing hassle-free fast and easy loans for every need. Personal loan is a form of credit offered by the financial institution for your personal needs. It is an unsecured loan and doesn’t require collateral as security or guarantee to avail the loans. It is available for any type of need for anyone.

Home repairs – Small maintenance or renovation
Vacations – To take out time and relax with family or alone for mental peace
Car repairs
Utility bills
Marriage Advances– To meet up routine or any last minute marriage expenditure
Appliances repairs etc.

Financial wellness —Your financial well being is our highest priority. For your routine or any sudden needs, customer satisfaction is our sole motto. Our customers are the heart and soul of what we do. We take our customers like our family members and treat them like that as trust is the biggest part of our relationship.
Responsible lending is what we are known for. At our firm, the guiding philosophy is to make the borrowing process simple for anyone who is in need of urgent money personal loan.
We make sure that we set up a convenient monthly loan repayment schedule that anyone can afford. Our team of experienced and expert professionals makes sure that there is no hidden cost or any other charges involve when you do deal with us. We have a team of experienced and expert professionals to make sure that you get a good deal with easy and affordable installment.

Our team takes care of many things associated with the personal loan process and its smooth disbursal/settlement from a minimum or zero processing fees and no prepayment penalties to make the loan easier.
This type of fixed interest rate loan has predictable monthly installments. The approval process is not lengthy and loans can be disbursed in even two days time.

Urgent cash loans, Instant same day cash loans south africa

Credit scores/report —

When you make an application for credit, financial institution call upon your data self to decide whether to lend you. Your credit report or score is a critical part of the financial institution decision-making process for approval or rejection of any loan application.
There are some factors that can affect the credit score.
Payment history- related to any old pending or paid loan
Age and type of credit
Percentage of credit utilization
Credit searches
Age of account

Whenever you apply for credit the lender will check your borrowing history and how typically you repaid the money. It happens whenever you apply for any credit loan etc.
This is combined with the other information you will provide in your credit application form. Each lender uses slightly different criteria for lending. So based on the information provided by you we try to pursue only such lenders which are more likely to accept your application and provide the loan best suited to you.
Our services – As a leading lending platform we are Instrumental in getting both personal and payday loans to our customers. Where personal loans are medium or long-term credit, payday loans are referred to short-term loans (sometimes called salary loans also). Where personal loans are based on many things and require formalities payday loans are based on the customer’s previous payrolls and employment history.
We use the best possible process for credit scoring and risk assessment and follow a transparent process-driven approach to ensure best deal and trust for our clients. We have tied up with lenders and financial institutions for providing credit for the type of customer, either with good credit history or bad one and process the application accordingly.
Along with personal loans we provide complete payday solutions also. Payday loans have its own advantage as and when compared with personal loans. With virtually no paperwork (no documentation) people with even bad credit scores can get it. Payday solutions are mostly approved same day and disbursed next day. In some cases even same day disbursement is possible. Applicant must be between 18 to 65 years of age and his or her monthly income should be R3000 Per month and continue for last 3 months. He must have a bank account where payments can be electronically transferred and received.
Founded by a team of experienced and expert professionals we are committed to making borrowing and lending quick convenient and seamless both for borrower and lender. It is built on the belief that credit inclusion and technology can help create a better understanding and business environment for us to work in.
In a short time of 4 years since our inception, we have our own set of satisfied customers who place lots of faith in us when they choose us their financial partner for their needs.

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